Our Team

The Great Lakes Policy Research Team

Carolyn Johns

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Project Director and Member of the Network and Institutional Analysis Team

Gail Krantzberg
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Team Lead, Partnership Outreach and Member of the Network and Institutional


Kathryn Friedman
University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Kathryn Friedman, Director of Law and Policy Research, University at Buffalo Regional Institute, SUNY has expertise in international law and transboundary environmental policy networks.

Marcia Valiante
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

Marcia Valiante, Professor of Law, University of Windsor has research expertise in the areas of Canadian environmental law and policy, Canada-U.S. environmental relations with a focus on the Great Lakes, water law, and citizen access to environmental decision-making.

Debora VanNijnatten
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario

Debora has expertise in the areas of Canadian and US environmental policy and transborder policy capacity analysis.

Noah Hall
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Noah has research expertise in the areas of environmental law; administrative law; water law; and Great Lakes law.

Thomas Greitens
Central Michigan University,
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Dr. Greitans has expertise is in the areas of citizen participation and environmental policy evaluation, and the comparative analysis of the Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

Timothy Heinmiller
Brock University, St. Catherine's, Ontario

Dr. Heinmiller brings expertise in comparative water policy; transboundary water policy; water allocations; and historical development of networks. Dr. Heinmiller’s research focuses on a historical analysis of the development of water quantity networks in the basin.

image_normal Dustin Garrick
McMaster University

Dr. Garrick is a member of the NIAT using the transboundary governance framework to compare transboundary governance in the Great Lakes to other complex water governance regimes.


Barry Rabe
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Team Lead
Barry Rabe has expertise in the areas of Canada-US environmental policy; transboundary environmental policy; subnational environmental policy; climate change policy; and public opinion research.

Christopher Gore
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Gore has expertise in the areas of comparative environmental policy, local government, climate change policy; and local opinion and action in environmental policy.

Christopher Borick
Muhlenburg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Dr. Borick has research expertise in the areas of public policy, public opinion, and environmental policy research.


Mark Sproule-Jones
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Mark Sproule-Jones, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, McMaster University has extensive expertise related to environmental policy; water policy; Great Lakes governance and local government


Lisa Kingsmore Lisa Kingsmore
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Lisa is a second year Master's of Applied Science candidate in Ryerson University's Environmental Applied Science & Management program. She is assisting Dr. Gore as a member of the POET team.

Lisa Lin
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Lisa is a student in the Environmental Applied Science and Management Master's program at Ryerson University. She is assisting Dr. Gore as a member of the POET team.

Nicholas Zebryk
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario

Nicholas is a recent graduate from Laurier's Political Science program and is currently assisting Dr. Van Nijnatten.

Brendan Anderson
State University of New York
Buffalo, New York

Brendan Anderson is in the joint JD/MUP program at the University of Buffalo. He is currently working with Dr. Kathryn Friedman on the law and policy inventory for the GLPRN.

Savitri Jetoo
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Savitri is a PhD student at McMaster University and is working with Dr. Gail Krantzberg.

Adam Thorn
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Adam is currently completing his dissertation in Public Policy at Ryerson University and is working with Dr. Carolyn Johns as the project manager.

Rebecca Teare
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Rebecca is an MA student in the Public Policy and Administration Program at Ryerson University. She is assisting Carolyn Johns with the Great Lakes policy publication database and a review article on the state of Great Lakes policy research.

Elana Anzel-Sivkin
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario

Elana is a JD candidate at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, and Research Assistant to Professor Marcia Valiante. Elana's primary research focus is on Ontario and Quebec's respective provincial legislative and regulatory schemes regarding the complex multi-jurisdictional matter of nearshore management.

Bobbie Thoman
Brock University, St. Catherine's, Ontario

Bobbie is studying US-Canadian relations through the new Joint MA program between Brock University in St. Catherine's, Ontario and the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. She is primarily interested in studying environmental policies in the US and Canada.

Sarah Mills
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sarah is a PhD Candidate in Urban and Regional Planning at University of Michigan, with a certificate in Survey Methodology. Her research focuses on wind energy development and farmland preservation in the Great Lakes Region.

Mariam Rashidi
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

Mariam is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Policy and Administration at Ryerson University. Her research interests include Indigenous governments and forms of governance. She is working with Carolyn Johns and Kathryn Friedman on the network survey and analysis and will be assisting with the development of a new research priority area on Indigenous governance and engagement in the Great Lakes.